Why CircleTalk Was Created

CircleTalk was innovated in 2011 by Deborah Skovron in response to an emerging trend in the aging space of what was then described as social disconnection and “malaise.”

At that time, there was minimal attention paid to social engagement as a specific outcome for activities and programs in residential or community settings. Deb‘s unique skill set advanced the program development, pilot and ultimately successful launch of CircleTalk, a structured, conversation-based program and curriculum created to combat the social isolation and loneliness, now commonly known to effect the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical domains of an aging person. CircleTalk has since become a premier social engagement program and leader training program within the aging industry.

Deb has worked as a program and training innovator for over 35 years. She has extensive experience as a consultant, mediator, curriculum developer and trainer in the fields of education, adult/youth disability, juvenile justice and aging (non-profit and government sectors). Her success in organizational/program development and group process work brings into line designing interventions that have a positive social impact on groups with an emphasis on connection and belonging.

In this way, group members feel a sense of investment in the group and healthy small community dynamics can flourish. These best practices for group leaders have been incorporated into facilitator training programs and group engagement curricula. Deb possesses vast knowledge in group dynamics and learning systems and understands the importance of universality in content so that learning and content as “portable” across different populations.

Why CircleTalk?

National Social Isolation and Loneliness movement
– there are things happening nationally that indicate addressing social isolation and loneliness may not always be optional, but that it will become weaved in the national fabric of importance, up to and including potential laws, rules, regulations, and reimbursement to address the travesty.

CircleTalk trains professionals, caregivers, and others who are interested in working with older adults to disrupt the loneliness epidemic that contributes to their decline.