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Everyone deserves to belong
to something.

Connection. Belonging. Community.

CircleTalk is a relationship-centered program with the potential to transform the culture of any place people gather into a place where people experience an intimate community and meaningful connections with their peers.

The Need

On May 3, 2023, Dr. Vivek Murthy released a Surgeon General Advisory officially declaring loneliness an epidemic in America. The Surgeon General’s report emphasizes that loneliness and social isolation are not just emotional issues but can also lead to serious health problems, including increased risk of heart disease, stroke, dementia, and premature death.

The impact of loneliness and isolation is compared to that of smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

Over the years, there has been a significant uptick in the number of studies and the size of their samples, yielding increasingly robust evidence that highlights a 50% increase in the odds of survival associated with strong social connections.

Video courtesy of the New York Times Opinion via YouTube.

Addressing the Need

To address this crisis, the Surgeon General’s report calls for a collective effort from individuals, communities, and organizations to prioritize and combat loneliness and isolation.

How does CircleTalk answer this call? Through regular, meaningful engagement, that makes connection and new relationships happen.

At CircleTalk we:

  • Train leaders to convene in-person or virtual groups and establish a space for sharing and personal expression
  • Use best practices for all to be heard, seen & known
  • Build the foundation for ongoing opportunities for connection and community
  • Utilize a unique social fitness model

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The Difference a Leader Makes

Be Part of the Solution. Become a Leader.

We train leaders to skillfully conduct virtual or in-person CircleTalk programs using the field-tested curriculum that strengthens social fitness in a variety of communities.

Virtual trainings utilize the CircleTalk Academy with self-guided modules and weekly virtual check-in meetings throughout the full 5-week course.

“Many people feel isolated and have had a hard time getting to really know another person. At CircleTalk, we feel seen for who we are and connected.” 

– Carolyn, Frasier Meadows

“We did enter as strangers and leave as friends. You do really create a small community within a large community.” 

– Priscilla, Golden West Senior Living

“I have known many of my friends for 50 years and more. I feel like I know these people in the Circle better—and I just met them!” 

– Ruth, 85

“For a lot of people the change of moving into a senior residence is difficult . . . you do everything as a group. To have CircleTalk come in and give an opportunity to really know a select group, one-on-one, is huge. It can be a make-or-break whether a person is satisfied living here.”

– Jill Moore, Director of Residential Life, Golden West

“This course is a hands-on blueprint for turning around the loneliness epidemic in the senior community. Bringing the program to any community will improve the mental health of the whole community. The curriculum is complete, relevant, and easy to follow. I am incorporating some of the steps in my Alzheimers support group.”

– Michelle, Trained CircleTalk Leader

“The one aspect of CircleTalk that most impacted me was seeing the involvement of men! Few social groups seem able to engage men deeply so they have less opportunity to break out of loneliness. CircleTalk found the key.”

– Sivea, Trained CircleTalk Leader